Season 3 Episode 1: Davey Havok

Season 3 is here! In case you missed Season 1 & 2 here’s what you need to know:

  • In Season One, Ryan Bailey conquered the internet.
  • In Season Two, he conquered marriage

And now, in Season Three, he’s about to conquer life. Not content with mastering the internet and marriage, Ryan Bailey is setting a few new goals for Season Three of Talking Marriage.

  1. The show is going to be better
  2. The crew is going to be better
  3. Ryan is going to be better.

And it starts by trying to convince AFI frontman and confirmed bachelor Davey Havok to try a little marriage.

Check out Davey’s bands, AFI ( and Blaqk Audio ( And his first novel, Pop Kids (

Some highlights from our interview:

  1. why not marriage? “not into it”
  2. don’t you want to share everything with someone?“thus far in my life no.”
  3. so whats holding you back in marriage? “aside from marriage being an absolute construct of organized religion which in itself is a scurge upon the world.. and monogamy being completely unrealistic, unnatural, impossible.. aside from that… I’m Busy


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